Live well. Every day.

Personalized coaching for people who want to create simple yet powerful habits so they can feel more nourished, energized and aligned in their daily life.


Live well.

Every day.

Personalized coaching for people who want to create simple yet powerful habits so they can feel more nourished, energized and aligned in their daily life.


Do you find yourself dragging throughout the day, struggling to make healthy choices, or feeling overwhelmed by the stress of life’s demands?

Imagine waking up in the morning, swinging your legs out of bed and feeling truly refreshed, nourished, and ready to embrace the day!

It is possible...

You can feel your best without extreme diets, quick fixes, trying another confusing wellness trend, or adding one more thing to your to-do list.

Whether you crave more energy or if you want to eat better, manage your stress, improve your sleep, or connect more authentically to your purpose, I’m here to guide you to tap into your deep-rooted radiance, energy, and ease.

Hi, I'm Kate.

I’m a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, seasoned Yoga Teacher, and nature therapy guide. If you're looking for a nourishing and nurturing approach to creating intentional habits that help you feel better every day, you’re in the right place.


Not that long ago I was always on the go, stressed-out, overwhelmed and living a life I didn’t feel passionate about. I never made the time to take care of myself in the ways I wanted to or do the things I enjoyed. It was a time in my life when I should have felt my best, yet I was falling a part.

I knew I couldn't continue to push myself to extremes and that something had to change so I went searching.

What I found in my decade-long journey of studying Ayurveda, holistic health and yoga was life changing. I learned simple daily self-care practices that gave my body a predictable rhythm and I found a system that helped me to understand myself on the deepest levels.

I also discovered my purpose. It’s my mission to share the wisdom of these traditions and my experience with others with the intention of supporting them on their own path to elevate their health and wellbeing.

If you’re ready to wake up well-rested, be deeply nourished, and have a simple set of sustainable daily rituals that promotes longevity, click below to set-up a free discovery call and let’s explore what’s possible together.

Unlock your body’s inner wisdom to create lasting wellbeing…

90 Days to a Brighter, Healthier You

As my client, I’ll greet you with an open heart. This is something I expect from you too, because to make a real and lasting transformation, it’s important that you’re actively involved in your own wellness journey.

If you choose to work with me, I am more than just a health coach and functional nutrition expert. My knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga will help you understand the underlying causes of your imbalance and give you the support you need to create lasting and meaningful change.

How we can work together:

In my signature 90-day coaching program, we'll start with a conversation that explores your values and priorities.

Then we’ll customize a plan that integrates multiple modalities in order to carve out your unique path towards vibrant and long-lasting wellbeing.

No coaching relationship is the same, so - based on your goals and challenges - our plan may touch on:



You’re more than what you eat, but by making intentional, healthier choices, we can improve your energy and optimize your weight.



If cravings, bloating or irregular movements are a struggle for you, I’ll guide you to  tune in to your body’s cues and understand your unique digestive type. 



Stuck in a cycle of burnout? Develop strategies for stress resilience and regain a sense of ease.



If you’re feeling exhausted no matter what you do, it’s time to gain tools to reset your sleep patterns and learn to prioritize rest.



Discover ways to move your body that are both enjoyable and sustainable.



Reconnect with your why and gain clarity on how to live each day more deeply connected to yourself and purpose.

The Investment


This investment is for a 90-day coaching plan. Payment plans are available.

Want to take your first step forward on the road to lasting health & well-being? Start with a free discovery call.

Frequently asked questions

Health coaching is a partnership. A health coach listens deeply to your desires and supports you to create values-based goals and to set actionable steps to help you achieve them. We also explore your motivations for change and troubleshoot challenges together. As your coach I provide a fresh perspective, guidance and education, while challenging you to stretch for growth, all in a caring and compassionate container for change.

The 90-day coaching package includes 6 sessions (45 min. initial + 5, 30 min. follow-us), your personalized wellness plan, email support and resources between sessions. Follow-up must be completed within 4 months of the initial consultation. Investment $450.

I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified yoga teacher, Ayurveda Wellness Coach and nature therapy guide with over a decade of experience in health and wellness coaching and education.

When you commit to wellness coaching, it is helpful to create space in your life to implement the changes you want to make. Each personalized plan is unique and therefore the time it takes to make the changes will depend on your priorities.
You’re in the driver's seat. We move at a pace that feels right to you. I have found that it’s best to commit to coaching for at LEAST 3 months in order to make lasting change.The 90-day coaching package includes 6 sessions (45 min. initial + 5, 30 min. follow-us).

We’ll meet via Zoom or by phone if you prefer.

I’m available by email between our sessions. You can reach out to me if you have questions, need an accountability partner, or to celebrate your successes.

I'm certified in multiple different modalities that I'll bring to creating your personalized plan.

“By working with Kate I was able to set goals and achieve them for the first time in my life.”

“They were not only goals that dealt with food, but goals that effected every aspect of my life and my family’s life. Kate helped me look at what I wanted to change, and gave me tools and guidance to make it a reality. She works with you in such a caring and supportive way, the path to change is less scary… because you know you are not alone.”

S.S. Mill Creek, WA

"I’ve made meaningful adjustments to my life & the tools you’ve taught me have led to me finding peace during a big transition."

“I am currently in a season of healing and finding quiet space after experiencing true burnout. Your coaching provided me a way to make my own path back to me and reconnect with my home and family. Thank you so much for your wisdom and authenticity. I have really benefited from having you as a teacher and coach. You are a remarkable bundle of light and me and my family have so much gratitude for what you’re doing and the positive impact it has had on our life.”

Leah Airt

"My experience with Kate's coaching has been profound and life-changing!"

“Kate has a special gift, something you only rarely find in life. She is so connected to each person she touches and truly finds joy in sharing her experience/path with others, helping them grow and learn and thrive. I’ve known Kate for a few years now and I cherish any time I spend in her presence, her ability to give and grow within is impeccable.”

Corre Kombol


Virtual Yoga Flow

Every Wednesday @ 5:30pm PT
All levels

We started practicing together during COVID and never stopped. My regular Wednesday class has become a space for community and connection and we’d love for you to join us.

What to expect: This is a moderately-paced class suitable for both healthy beginners and experienced practitioners. We will use inspiration, humor and accessible breath, movement, and mindfulness practices to nourish your body, mind, and Spirit.


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